Our Subcontracting

The management of the subcontracting policy at B-FLEXEE is an essential link in our organization. B-FLEXEE is committed to producing reliable, high-quality, and responsible services that directly involve our partners. Therefore, we strive for a lasting relationship with our partners through strong commitments :

- Conducting our business in accordance with business ethics.
- Upholding our commitments through the signing of a collaboration contract.
- Selecting partners based on strict criteria.
- Regularly evaluating our partners through on-site audits.
- Implementing an internal classification system for our subcontractors.
- Establishing monitoring and connection standards.
- Encouraging partners to develop a suitable CSR policy.
- Supporting partners in their development.
- As a member of the FRENCH LAB network, we support the international development of French SMEs.

Potential subcontractor?
Your request will be dealt with
Through our fleet manager, SEO Manager.

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